Administrator’s opinion – Two questions to… Habib Sissoko, President of NOC Mali

Opinion de dirigeant Deux questions à...M. Habib Sissoko, président du CNOSM

The coronavirus pandemic has, for several months now, been affecting most areas. Sport being one of the hardest hit, the president of NOC Mali (CNOSM) and also President of the African Judo Union, Habi   Sissoko,  expresses his views on the impact of this pandemic and awareness measures taken by CNOSM (culled from an interview granted […]

Athlete’s opinion – Marie Josee Talou backs decision to postpone the Games

Games having been postponed to 2021. Far from being disappointed, Talou believes that health is far more important than any Olympic medal “I have been training since the Rio Games to get to this competition, but I am not really bothered because it concerns my health and that of everyone. It’s better to be precautious […]