ANOCA Magazine Special 40 years

On 28 June 2021, ANOCA celebrated its fortieth anniversary. It was a memorable day for this organization which was created in 1981 in Lome, Togo. In somebody’s lifetime as well as in that of an organization, this age marks the entry into adulthood, established experience and acquired maturity. In a context marred by the covid-19 pandemic which for more two years now has been imposing an unusual way of functioning, we deemed it necessary to postpone this celebration and to pause for a moment on this 25 September, in order to magnify the wonderful things our continental organization has achieved so far. Of course, ANOCA has done a lot in 40 years, in line with duties assigned to it from the onset, which mainly included: Promoting understanding, cooperation and mutual assistance between African NOCs; the spreading, development and safeguarding of Olympic ethics through the continent; collaboration with governmental sports organizations, so as to facilitate the design and implementation of a coherent sports development strategy; coordination for a more rational and improved training of African athletes for the Olympic Games; fighting against all forms of racial, political or religious discrimination within the African Olympic movement, among others.

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