Consultation : ANOCA Executive Committee discusses important Covid-19 response measures

The ANOCA Executive Committee held an extraordinary meeting by videoconference on 27 April 2020, to discuss important issues and particularly the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports and measures to cope with its fallouts. The meeting was chaired by Mustapha Berraf, the Chief Executive of the institution and also concerned, in addition to the […]

ANOCA applies for and receives significant financial assistance from ANOC to African NOCs

The Executive Council of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) met by videoconference on 18 May 2020, in a restricted session chaired Dr Robin Mitchell. Held in the midst global health crisis, the meeting afforded an opportunity for the ANOCA President, Mustapha Berraf, to deliver Olympic and Sporting Africa’s message. President Berraf began by […]

Let’s brace for post Covid-19 challenges

Since February 2020, Africa has been grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic, a situation that has led political leaders of the continent’s States to impose a battery of restrictions ranging from confinement to simple containment measures to forestall the spread of the virus. The world of sport has been particularly hard hit. Both amateur and professional […]