Gender Equality Commission terms of reference


The name of the Commission shall be known as the ANOCA Gender Equality Commission, having being changed from ANOCA Women in Sport Commission at the Executive Committee Meeting in February 2019.


Main Function

  • To advise the ANOCA Executive Committee on all matters related to the development and advancement of women in all spheres of sport
  • To encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures, with the aim of implementing the principle of equality between men and women.




The responsibilities of the Commission shall be, among others:

  • Provide policy guidelines and implementation plan to ANOCA on the development of women in all sectors of sport
  • Implement the IOC guidelines on Gender Equality within ANOCA and guide the NOCs in the implementation process
  • Develop and strengthen the entrenchment of gender equality in the NOCs constitutions and policies within the respective ANOCA Zones
  • Ensure representation of women in all ANOCA structures through targeted actions and implementation strategies
  • Address key objectives of development and advancement of women in sport focusing on
  • Governance structures and systems
  • Sport (athletes, entourage, support teams, medical teams, staff, etc)
  • Funding (ensuring opportunities are also given to female athletes, NOCs administrators, ANOCA, etc).




  • The Gender Equality Commission shall be made up of not more than nine (9) members
  • The members will be representatives from the seven (7) ANOCA Zones, 1 from the Athletes Commission, and chair of the Commission who is the ANOCA Executive Committee member
  • The chair of the Commission shall be the Vice President assigned the responsibility of Gender Equality within the ANOCA Executive Committee
  • Members of the ANOCA Gender Equality Commission shall serve in the Zone’s Executive Committee to oversee gender equality plan implementation at Zonal level, in line with the ANOCA plan and to ensure representation of women in the Zones structures.


Nomination of Commission Members

  • The members of the Commission shall be nominated by their respective Zones to serve on the Commission
  • The Zones will select nominations to propose to ANOCA from the nominations received from the NOCs. Each Zone shall forward two (2) names to ANOCA for consideration
  • The ANOCA Executive Committee shall make the selection from the nominations received taking into consideration all the Zones, contribution to the advancement of women in the respective NOCs and Zones
  • The Athletes Commission shall be represented by a member who already serves on the ANOCA Athletes Commission and shall be recommended by the Athletes Commission.



Term of office

  • Members of the Commission shall serve for 4 years
  • The term of office shall be linked to the ANOCA Executive Committee term of office. That is, the Commission shall be reviewed every four years after the election of the new ANOCA Executive Committee
  • Members will be removed from the Commission should they miss two meetings during the calendar year OR they are not contributing to the advancement of the Commission activities both at Continental and Zone level
  • Any vacancy caused by the removal of a member from the commission shall be filled from the already existing list of nominations from the Zones.


Meetings of the Commission

  • The meetings of the Commission shall be chaired by the Chairperson. In the absence of the chairperson, the designed deputy Chairperson shall chair the meeting
  • The quorum for the meeting shall be 50% +1. In the absence of the quorum, the resolutions of the quorum shall be circulated to all members for input and agreement
  • The notice of the meeting shall be forwarded to all members at least one month before the meeting. Members need to confirm availability within 7 days of receiving the Notice
  • The minutes of the Commission shall be forwarded at least 14 days after the meeting.



  • The Commission shall make recommendations which will be presented to the ANOCA Executive Committee by the Chairperson
  • The ANOCA Executive Committee shall ratify the recommendations as decisions for implementation.