1. Recognises the ANOCA Constitution with regard to women’s representation.
  2. Approves the mandate.
  3. Acknowledges that the mandate will be forwarded to the ANOCA Executive Committee for ratification.
  4. Observes that there is no equitable representation of women in the other ANOCA Commissions, and decides to propose to the ANOCA President to include women in the other ANOCA commissions. The Gender Equality Commission agrees that the women to be appointed by the ANOCA Zones to serve on the various ANOCA Commissions should have the necessary expertise for the Commission to which they are appointed.
  5. Shall recommend names of women to the Executive Committee for consideration by the ANOCA Commissions.
  6. Shall review the ANOCA 2020-2024 Gender Equality Plan and prioritise activities to be implemented in 2020 and 2021.
  7. Shall present the ANOCA Gender Equality Plan to the IOC and determine the funds available for the plan.
  8. Shall present the updated plan to the ANOCA Executive Committee with a view to increasing the budget for the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan.
  9. Shall review the programmes of other organisations in order to share best practices.
  10. Acknowledges the IOC survey on gender equality and will discuss the survey report to determine the impact on Africa.
  11. Intends to create a network of women in all NOCs, Zones and with other key stakeholders.