A message from the President

Honourable Members of the General Assembly,

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Once more, you have just displayed your courage and your passion for sport and Olympism by unanimously attending our General Assembly which held in Cairo last 24 and 25 May.

Not only did you take up this challenge, you also sent a message of hope and solidarity to the World.

You showed the World our resolve to continue the fight against this dreadful pandemic.

Under the stewardship of our President and great friend Mr. Thomas Bach, you were able to carry out your activities in unity, solidarity and duty consciousness which are the responsibility of Africa’s great leaders you are.

Therefore, permit me to humbly extend to you my sincere gratitude for the wonderful job you have achieved, the confidence as well as the availability manifested to my humble self, by once again entrusting the management of our Association to me.

Dear friends, Dear Colleagues;

I count on each and every one of you to be our mouthpieces to our great continent’s populations, so as to convey the message of solidarity, unity and brotherhood from our mother organization, the IOC.

Furthermore, I urge you to kindly personally look into it that the next 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are a success, and to encourage athletes, their managers and close relatives to massively attend.

While looking forward to meeting you very soon, please accept my cordial and fraternal greetings.

Mustapha Berraf
ANOCA President
IOC Member