ANOCA held a successful secretaries general seminar in Zanzibar

ANOCA held a successful 36th Secretaries General Seminar from 17 to 18 November 2019. The Seminar was hosted by the NOC Tanzania in Zanzibar. The opening Ceremony was honoured by the Presence of The President of ANOCA, Mr. Mustapha Berraf, the Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage, Hon.Mahmoud Komo, The ANOCA Secretary General Engr.Ahmed Hashim. Also in attendance was the ANOCA Treasurer General Engr. Habu Gumel , ANOCA Zonal Presidents- Executive Board Members and Zonal Representatives whom were attending the Olympafrica General Assembly meeting organized on the sidelines of the seminar. President Berraf in his speech pledged his support to the seminar and the NOCs in their preparation for Tokyo 2020 and ensuring Africa presented good teams who will improve on the 2016 Rio medal results. He further emphasized ANOCA’s commitment towards the ANOCA Athlete support programme and ensuring that athletes receive the required support and interventions to be able to prepare optimally for Tokyo, furthermore The President called upon all members of the African Olympic family to unite and work hand in hand for realization of The Continent aspirations.

The Theme for the 36th Seminar was – 250 Days Countdown to Tokyo 2020. Presentations and discussions focused on the preparation and delivery of African athletes and teams to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Topics ranged from African Games as a qualifier for Tokyo 2020; Qualification Pathways for Tokyo 2020; Safeguarding of Athletes: Harassment in Sports from an African Perspective; The 2018 Youth Olympic Games: Gateway to Tokyo 2020; The roles of NOCs, Government and NFs in the registration of teams of Teams for major Games. Olympiafrica also presented on the new perspective towards elite levels where some athletes from the Olympafrica Centres had transitioned to elite sport. The IOC NOC Relations Department, Olympic Solidarity and Tokyo 2020 OCOG also presented and participated in the SG Seminar. The chair of the ANOCA Athletes Commission presented on what the Athletes Expectations were from the NOCs and ANOCA. WADA- Africa shared key aspects of anti-doping programmes and testing processes. It has committed to working with ANOCA and NOCs to ensure the protection of clean athletes. The ANOCA Athlete Support programme update was also presented showing the support granted to 52 Potential Medal Winner athletes. Phase 2 application deadline is 7 December 2019 , NOCs are expected to ensure submitting applications for athletes who have already qualified for Tokyo 2020 and acquiring the required guidelines conditions.

The ANOCA President at the commencement of the working sessions addressed the Secretaries General on the prevailing conditions at ANOCA expressing the commitment of the ANOCA administration to the principles of Good Governance and countering any deformities that has affected shaping the Organization,he further highlighted the ongoing reforms and restructure and the resistive actions in relation to its execution ,he reassured the platform that change is a tidious process that normally is faced by reluctance but it has to be completed.
A Great majority of Secretaries General reacted expressing unlimited support to the President and the Executive Board.

Unprecedented, The Seminar witnessed an opportunity an open plenary discussion for the Secretaries General to discuss matters not on the programme with the Secretary General and Management Committee of ANOCA. This included the Treasurer General, Technical Director, Ezera Tshabangu and Accountant Jonathan Dyagas. Key resolutions included :

  • Extending the Seminar to 3 days, the 1st day being dedicated to Zonal Meetings where ANOCA will be in attendance ;
  • ANOCA developing a Safeguarding of Athletes against Harassment in Sport and ensuring all NOCs have an implementable policy in place;
  • Alignment of African Games within the World Sports Events Planner.;
  • NOCs to co-operate with Olympafrica Centres to promote youth sport participation ;
  • NOCs to institute athlete tracking and monitoring systems to understand the preparation and readiness for Tokyo.

The ANOCA President accompanied by an ANOCA delegation paid a courtesy call with the President of the Republic of Zanzibar and Pemda Hon. Ali Mohamed Shein, attending the audience was Mr Goulam Rashid ;President of The NOC of Tanzania and The NOC Secretary General Mr. Filbert Baye ,where they thanked his Excellency for the heartily felt hospitality by the people of Zanzibar and for hosting the seminar.

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