International Olympic Committee : Dr Thomas Bach to run for re-election

Dr Thomas Bach has been IOC President since September 2013. On 17 July 2020, during the 136th IOC Session, he announced that he will be running for re-election. The announcement comes as no surprise to Olympic Movement actors, given that the Olympic family has always applauded Dr Thomas Bach’s actions.

Now an officially declared candidate, Thomas Bach, if elected next year, will begin his second tenure after the first one that placed him at the helm of the Olympic Movement for a period of eight years. According the Charter, the second mandate cannot exceed four years.

 “If you the IOC members want, I am ready to run for a second term as IOC president and to continue to serve you and this Olympic movement, which we all love so much, for another four years,” Thomas Bach announced on Friday 17 July at the opening of the session.

Following this announcement made by videoconference, IOC members successively took time to hail the achievements and vision of this great friend of Africa.  In response, the IOC steward said he was moved and touched by such a display of absolute confidence. And he probably expected nothing less.

He joined the IOC at the age of 27 on the Athletes’ Commission and has since risen through the ranks up to the helm.