Spirit of solidarity and cooperation

It is recommended by Olympic Solidarity and well understood in Africa.   

Establishing cooperation and exchange agreements has, in fact, become vital to the development of the Olympic and sports movement. It also affords a real opportunity for positive competition in the development of sport in areas of common interest. From our point of view, it provides the initial impetus needed for the emergence of certain fundamental Olympic values such as excellence, respect and friendship. 

We call that “the Spirit of cooperation.”

The spirituality born of Pierre De Coubertin’s vision and the dynamism and steadfastness of President Thomas Bach have given rise to a humanistic and voluntary approach to sport based on a universal sharing of knowledge and know-how without shunning human nature. As it stands, the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa recently signed two cooperation and sports exchange agreements with the U.S. and Cuba Olympic Committees. These agreements will be based on specific aspects aimed at harmonising points of view and actions within international sports governing bodies.  Add to this training, sport-applied scientific research, documentation and information…a forward-looking strategy. A program through which the parties will demonstrate the binding power of sport. On behalf of all of you, we thank them for their availability and friendship.

Based on this model, NOC Senegal also signed a partnership agreement with the Canada Olympic Committee recently. A platform has been established ahead of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games to be hosted by the city of Dakar, a first in the annals of the African continent. This partnership is indeed part of our plan for a dynamic and spontaneous African Olympic movement focused on a modern and unifying sports management.

We laud this spirit of initiative of some National Olympic Committees of Africa, which is clearly in tune with our desire to make sport on our continent the pride of its sons and daughters here and elsewhere, in this globalised world, where cooperation is a ticket to success.

Therefore, I humbly urge the National Olympic Committees of Africa to open up to “The Spirit of Cooperation.” Besides being an artistic and intellectual inspiration, it will also be a concrete action for the development of sport and Olympism in our continent for the good of our youth.

I avail myself of this opportunity to pay special tribute to all those who are working tirelessly to promote a vision of the future that will lay a foundation for coming generations who will meet a better world that blends unity and fraternity. 

Olympism is a fabulous way of life where respect is the order of the day and where Olympic values are the cornerstones propping our hopes.  Let us act in solidarity with each other and, together, build a worthy and proud continental organisation, which ANOCA truly is.