The ANOCA athletes support programme provides wide ranging support to elite athletes through our 54 National Olympic Committees.

Until August 2024 the programme will drive the hopes and convictions of our athletes as they compete.  Paris 2024 will afford a platform for expression of this multidimensional support, which mainly covers training and qualification expenses.

The criteria for selection of athletes are based on transparency, taking into account previous performances at major events and the Olympics. A close scrutiny of application files is done with expertise from International Federations.

In our opinion, this is one of the best omens for Olympic and sporting Africa’s medal hopes at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Looking at the ground covered so far, we can say without hesitation that we are making great strides. Our 2020-2024 strategic plan is working out as programmed.

We are implementing it as planned, with the human element, the athletes, thus African youths, who are the spearhead of our ambitions, as our focal concern. They deserve all our attention.

Some National Olympic Committees, NOC Kenya for instance, have taken the Olympic scholarships award strategy with great seriousness. We wish to congratulate them and encourage all others to respect deadlines and take advantage of this wonderful initiative, which is driven by IOC’s Olympic Solidarity.

We say THANK YOU to IOC President, Dr Thomas Bach, who spares no effort or means to motivate and galvanise us in this direction.  This is not only a godsend, it is also proof of his personal commitment to facilitate this necessary progress for the development of African and global sport.

Olympic scholarships granted to African athletes ahead of Paris 2024 are a wonderful operation to upgrade the sporting and human level of our athletes; we will therefore go to Paris with standard quality preparation for our competitors.

 That is how we will become “Kings” of the Olympus in Paris in 2024.

Mustapha Berraf

IOC Member

President of ANOCA