CNOSM: “Women and Sport” Commission launches activities

The Standing Working Women and Sport Commission of NOC Mali (COFEMS/CNOSM) ended two days of training (13-14 February 2020) with the official launch of its activities on Saturday 15 February 2020. The ceremony was graced by CNOSM president, Habib Sissoko and many other sports dignitaries including an Algerian Sambo expert. 

The ceremony featured fascinating demonstrations of passion and commitment to sports disciplines (fencing, Viet vo dao, Yoseikan budo, football, taekwondo, basketball, golf, karate, judo and sambo).  Malian sportswomen thus demonstrated an immense talent with good mastery of their sports disciplines.

This ceremony especially marked the end of a capacity building training for the new members of the standing commission of the CNOSM today chaired by the African Taekwondo champion, Sy Aminata Makou Traore.  For two days, (13 and 14 February 2020), these members learnt about the Olympic Movement and its values, the purpose and missions of their commission and the management of sports projects.

Under the leadership of its visionary and valiant president, Habib Sissoko, the CNOSM has been committed for several years to gender equality and the improvement of womens conditions in sport, particularly through easy access to sport and sport governing bodies,  the Chairlady Aminata Makou Traore Sy asserted.

It should be noted that the revitalisation of the CNOSM “Women’s and Sport” Standing Commission stems from President Sissoko’s desire to make women “true leaders and actors” of the Olympic and Sports Movement.  

The ceremony on Saturday 15 February 2020 marked the beginning of the Commission’s activities according to a programme established “in collaboration with the leaders of the CNOSM. Numerous initiatives are in view to promote the practice of sport by women and improve their quality of life.  “Despite a fragile socio-economic context, I remain convinced that, thanks to everyones involvement, we will make great achievements with the little means available. The most important thing is to be passionate about what we do,” the Chairlady insisted.