Let’s prepare a bright future for the african athlete!

THE AFRICAN ATHLETES FORUM is billed for Algiers on 11 and 12 March 2023. It will be organised by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, ANOCA, in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity and the IOC Athletes’ Department.

The event aims to plan on how to better care for athletes of the continent by developing a suitable framework for the implementation and follow up of support measures for African athlete.  Athletes are the bearers of the Olympic ideal.

This meeting is part of the implementation of the ANOCA strategic plan to boost sport and Olympism.  It will afford a platform to brainstorm the management of athletes’ careers, their post-career and socio-professional lives. It will seek to organise and design with them strategies specific to their needs and requirements.

As resource persons, athletes participating in the Forum will be focal in finding solutions to the problems of athletes.

The deliberations will conclude an election process for athletes within African NOCs. The athletes will take part in the African Athletes Forum and be the representatives of their various zones.

ANOCA sport and Olympic policies prioritise the athlete.  The ANOCA President, Honourable Mustapha Berraf, who is also an IOC member has, at the slightest opportunity, always reminded African NOCs and insisted that athletes should be our focal concern, just like their coaches.

All African NOCs are expected to have Athletes’ Commissions and their Chairpersons are conferred the status of executive members of their respective NOCs in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

The African Athletes Forum is an ideal platform for the mobilisation of resources to support athletes who are called upon to participate in major African and world sports events, to keep the African Olympic flame burning across the world and preserve the integrity of the athlete. 

ANOCA thanks Olympic Solidarity and especially the International Olympic Committee for their invaluable support to African athletes through multiple actions already recorded, just like this African Athletes Forum.  ANOCA has been able to award Olympic scholarships to many African athletes thanks to constant substantial support from Olympic Solidarity.

The African Athletes Forum will keep up this ideal of solidarity.