Ordinary General Meeting 28/29 may 2021

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In accordance with the provisions relating to the organization of the General Assembly for the end of the previous mandate and in application of Articles 15.1 and 16.3 of the bylaws; I have the honor to invite the honorable members of the General Assembly to this one which is set for May 28 and 29, 2021 at ADDIS ABABA.

The work will be held according to the following agenda:

Day of 05/28/2021

-Reading of the Quorum.

Approval of the agenda.

A-Opening of the Session by the President of ANOCA

-Agreement Minutes of AGO AND AGEX.

B-Presentation of the Moral Report and Approval.

C-Presentation of the Financial Report.

-Report of the Statutory Auditor.

-Approval of the Financial Report.

D-Approval of the 2021/2024 program of activities.

E-Approval of the 2021/2024 provisional budget.

Day of 05/29/2021

Elections of the Executive Committee.

– Establishment of voting and appeals committees.


– Induction of the Executive Committee

Mustapha BERRAF

President of ACNOA