ANOCA President Congratulates Abderrahmane Hammad

After the elective General Assembly of the Algeria Olympic Committee on 12 September 2020, the choice fell on Abderrahmane Hammad to head the body for the next four years. Following this election, the President of ANOCA was quick to address a congratulatory message to the new president. “I am highly honoured to extend to you […]

ANOCA President congratulates re-elected President of NOC Sao Tome and Principe

Consequent on a very positive assessment by his colleagues, the President of NOC Sao Tome and Principe, Joao Manuel da Costa Alegre Afonso, was unanimously re-elected to the helm the organisation for another term of four years. As usual, the President of ANOCA did not remain indifferent to such a development: “Mr President and Dear […]

ANOCA President congratulates re-elected CNOSB President

The General Assembly of NOC Burkina Faso met on 19 September 19 2020 and re-elected the incumbent President, Jean Yameogo, for another four-year tenure. Once the news was made public, President Berraf did not waste time to extend his congratulations: “I hereby extend to you the sincere congratulations of the entire Executive Committee of the […]

AFRICAN YOUTH GAMES: ADDIS ABABA takes the baton for 2022

The ANOCA Executive Committee met by videoconference on 29 September 2020. The meeting, which was also open to the honourable IOC members and Presidents of the Statutory Commissions, made some far reaching resolutions. Worthy of note is the fact that the 5th African Youth Games will be hosted by the city of Maseru, Lesotho in […]

2021-2024 Olympiad : ANOCA fine tuning Strategic Plan

In order to enhance the impact of its action on youth and continental sport during the 2021-2024 Olympiad, ANOCA set up a task force to brainstorm the issue of sport development. The findings of the deliberations will be set out in a strategic plan of the Association. The working group first met on 2 September […]