TOKYO 2020 – ANOCA satisfied with Olympic Solidarity’s increased support to NOCs

To enable National Olympic Committees to cope with the constraints due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Olympic Solidarity recently increased the budget allocated to the IOC programme for the participation of NOCs in this event from U.S. $ 46.7 million to U.S. $ 57 million. This thus represents an increase of U.S. $ 25.3 million aimed at boosting NOC preparations and participation in Tokyo 2020. The decision will help them offset any possible extra costs in the build up to the Tokyo Games now rescheduled for 2021.

The IOC Subsidies for Participation in the Olympic Games programme is one of the many Olympic Solidarity programmes. It aims to assist NOC delegations to take part in the Olympic Games, promote universality and guarantee the participation of all 206 NOCs. The subsidies cover travel and accommodation costs incurred prior to the Games and, during the Games, contribute to the travel expenses of athletes, team officials and NOC officials, and cover the NOCs’ operational expenses relating to the Games. The decision to increase Olympic Solidarity’s budget dedicated to the participation of NOCs in the Olympic Games follows from the confirmation of the additional budget of U.S. $ 15 million needed to extend Olympic Solidarity programmes for athletes up to 2021, which concern 1,600 athletes from 185 NOCs. Programmes to be extended up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games include: Olympic Scholarships for Tokyo 2020 Athletes; Team Sports Grants; and the Refugee Athlete Support Programme.

After this decision, for which Olympic Solidarity was applauded, President Berraf noted that “Our institution is satisfied with this additional support from Olympic Solidarity. African NOCs will be able to prepare for the Tokyo Games with a cool head. The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the sports economy and this support is a breath of fresh air for our athletes taking part in this event.